Outback Ablaze  Part One (Intro is a bit long. Fast forward to 1min 15sec)
Outback Ablaze  Part Two
Dr. Rodney Howard-Browne visited the Outback in the Northern part of Australia. The folowing youtube videos give a  short summary of the revival meetings in the three areas, Darwin, Alice Springs and Halls Creek. Starting off in Darwin, the gateway to the outback, (see pt1) which is a multi- national City with a population of 124,800 (2009) made up of Aboriginal People, Asians, Philippinos, & Europeans.   Part one shows the power of God touching people of various ethnic groups represented.  It is such a blessing to hear the testimonies of those touched by the power of God.  See this lady testifying with the joy of the Lord all over her face. There is a rare clip of Bro Rodney playing the guitar and singing.   From Darwin, the team traveled to Kununurra and then via 4x4 for a four hour journey to Halls Creek.  This photo shows pastor Rodney playing football with with some local youth.  (These photo’s were captured from the videos, so the are not the best quality. Halls Creek is one of the areas where Pastor/Missionary Max Wiltshire first established an aboriginal church in 1978.  The town had 600 people, mostly alcoholics and crime ridden.   After only 12 months, Max had over 300 converted and attending his church.  At the end of Part 3, Dr. Rodney Howard- Browne introduces Max who shares about this amazing ministry to the outback.         
Outback Ablaze  Part Three
Outback Ablaze  Part Four
Outback Ablaze  Part Five
Dr. Rodney sharing about the Falls Creek revival against the back drop of the famous Ayres Rock.
Dr. Rodney Howard-Browne
Pastor/Missionary Max Wiltshire
The photo next to him is Max Wiltshire. These photos, taken from the Youtube videos opposite, show the morning crowd being prayed for.  At night the altars were filled with those seeking salvation or rededication.  Dr. Rodney prayer for hundreds each meeting.  The people of this area desperately need God’s power and intervention as it is rife with addictions, especially gasolene sniffing, which has permanently damaged many people.  But the revival has opened the door for God to radically save and deliver many. 
Outback Ablaze, Australia in 2001
Thank God for men who are prepared to dedicate their  lives to seeing a move of God amongst the Aboriginal people.  .    
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Dr’s Rodney and Adonica Howard-Browne
0 0 1 Halls Creek